Tresso Tripod Wig Stand

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Hang up your wigs and mannequin heads without worrying about wear and tear on the Tresoo Tripod Wig Stand. Perfect for professional hairstylists and cosmetologists. Sturdy, safe and stylish!


High-Grade Metal:Tresso Wig Tripod for wigs and mannequin heads is made of high-grade metal, helping prevent wear and tear. 

All-purpose wig stand: It can be used for hairstyling, exhibition, and fits most of the mannequin heads, wig heads, canvas wig blockheads, mannequins for display and doll heads for styling.

Ideal for professional practice: It extends to any height ranging between 33.7 and 55.7 inches, according to your convenience. The next time you practice your best cut, you don’t even need to move because the product has an internal rotation of 360-degrees, making all your movements possible. 

Portable The wig stand is collapsible and can thus be carried in the carry bag that comes free of cost with the tripod. Students, cosmetologists as well as other adept professionals can use this mannequin tripod to further pronounce their skills.


Does the stand fit for all mannequin heads?

The professional wig head stand fits most cosmetology mannequin heads, wig heads, canvas wig blockheads, mannequins for display and doll heads for styling.

How do I keep the mannequin head still?

The tripod is specially designed to keep male or female mannequin heads still while you work. The mannequin head for wigs slots in perfectly on the tripod making it stable.

Does this come with mannequin head?

No, this professional tripod stand for mannequin heads doesn’t come with mannequin heads. You’ll have to buy them separately.

How to make the stand taller?

Extend the legs of the wig styling tripod stand to the floor and pull up the wig-carrying rod upwards. Note: there is an adjustable valve on the rod which will help you adjust the height of the stand based on your requirement. Also, with 360° rotation, you can rotate the professional wig styling head and won’t have to keep moving while practising.

Does this come with a carrying case?

Yes, the tripod for mannequin heads for wigs does come with a carrying case.


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