Perfect Beard Style For 2021

The Perfect Beard Style For 2021

According to Gillette’s facts, a guy who shaves his beard regularly spends over 3350 hours in his life shaving. So, now that you are aware of the fact that you will spend so much time of your life- shaving, you ought to spend it well and have decent outcomes, right?

But if you can grow a nice thick beard, maybe you don’t need to shave. Maybe you can just style it? Hey, even Abraham Lincon was supposedly suggested by an 11-year-old to sport a beard as it would hide his ‘thin’ face and make him look better. Maybe you, too, can look better with a nice beard? So here are few stylish beard styles for you to try out!

Classic Beard Style

Classic Beard Style

Facial hair is more than a style statement. It is also a sign of commitment. So, for those who take their beard growth seriously but want a manageable beard, this is the perfect look for them- the good old classic! With the classic style, you keep your beard length to a medium level, not too short, neither too long.

Even though this is a good classic style, this look isn’t for everyone and is suitable for those with thick coverage of beard. If you are going for this beard style, try to go for a haircut that compliments your look. If you are looking for suggestions, try a hairstyle with a side part to sport a vintage look.

Full Beard Style

Full Beard Style

Show off your beard with a long beard style. But before you try it out, make sure you understand this beard style is all about patience. It takes a lot of time and patience to grow a perfect long beard. In this style, you also have to keep an eye out for proper grooming techniques. Make sure you use scissors to clip away your stray hairs and trim away the odd ones from time to time. Although this style is a bit ‘manly,’ lack of maintenance can surely make you look like a stranded man on a deserted island.

Try a youthful hairstyle with a long beard to make this look be something stylish instead of aged. This beard style can be a bit difficult to manage. To make sure you have a proper groomed look, try beard straighteners and beard balms to make the beard more manageable and prevent dryness or irritation.

Bushy Beard

Bushy Beard

If you want to have an added volume to your face shape, this is THE beard style for you. This beard style enhances your face shape, exaggerates your jawline, and adds dimension to your face. Simply put, it makes you look more mature. Make sure you use proper beard styling products like beard oil, beard straightener, and beard balm to maintain this look and prevent having drying patches. These products will also help you keep your beard soft.

Since this is a beard style that is great on texture, make sure you have a nice hairstyle and a sleek fashion sense to complete this look. 

Fade Hairstyle With Beard

Fade Hairstyle With Beard

Your beard style is just half of the look that affects your face. The other half is your hairstyle. If you want to know more about different hairstyles that can go with your beard in 2021, click here.

This beard and hairstyle is a complete look in itself. Sport a faded haircut and balance it out with a modern, classy looking beard style. The modern aspect of a faded hairstyle will complement your bearded look and make you look stylish and smart and is excellent for a semi-casual office look as well as a party look.

Short Beard

Short Beard

If you are not so keen on growing a long beard but want to sport a beard anyway, this is your go-to look. It’s great for sporting a bearded look while keeping cool during the summer days. It is also a smart idea if your workplace has dress code and style restrictions prohibiting you from having a long beard at your workplace.

This short beard look gives you the rugged manly look while being easy to maintain. Make sure you neatly trimmed your beard with a clean outline. Try to go for a simple hairstyle and maintain your beard from time to time to prevent it from being patchy.

A well-grown beard is all about maintenance. If you want to come off as a strong polished personality, make sure your beard is well-groomed, make sure you have well-maintained hair, and do not have any stray hairs poking out. It disturbs the shape and speaks about your personality in a negative light. Try using beard products to maintain the bearded look and hairstyle at all times.

If you want beard, mustache, and hair maintenance tips, keep an eye out on our blog space.

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