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How You Can Straighten Your Beard Naturally At Home?

So, you’ve seen the silver lining in this quarantine and have grown your beard out. Now, it’s gotten burly, long and is curling in every direction. In short, it’s out of control. 

You will have to find some sort of solution to this because with a mask on and your curly beard unfurling underneath, your face will look like a teenage boy’s groin with very tight underwear on.

The thicker and coarser your beard is, the more problems you will face when you’ll try to fix it and there’s a 90% chance that you’ll just get frustrated and run a trimmer all over it, going back to square one. 

The only sane solution that comes into one’s mind when dealing with such beards is to straighten it. That seems like the only possible way to look good without sacrificing the length of your beard. If you’re thinking the same then you’ve stumbled upon the right piece of content today, you will find all the information you will ever need on naturally straightening your beard, so, keep reading.

Also, the easiest way to straighten your beard is to use an electric beard straightener, they are pretty easy to use and most beard straightening tools are cordless. If you’re looking to buy one then the best one on the market right now is the Aster beard straightener by Galvolt. It is a nifty little device and is extremely useful to keep your beard in check. You can buy it here.

How Can You Straighten Your Beard Naturally at Home?

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If you want to stick to only using natural ways to straighten your beard then it’s going to take you a while. It is a daily process which includes a strict regimen that you’ll have to follow and adhere to. But if you do manage to diligently stick to the routine, you’ll be awarded a long and straight beard throughout the day. 

The first step is to find a sulphate free soap (most organic soaps like pine tar soaps are sulphate free and can be found easily near you) for your beard. The beard is prone to develop split ends and break so regular soap and shampoo will just damage your beard. 

Washing and conditioning your beard every other day will keep it soft and straight. Remember, whenever you’re using a towel to dry out your beard, always pat dry. Do not vigorously rub the towel on your beard. 

How to Straighten Your Beard Naturally at Home Using a Blow Dryer

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You’ll need these three things to start- 

  1. A hairdryer
  2. A beard brush   
  3. Silicone Cream (you can find it in most drug stores)
  • Dampen your beard or wash it. While it is still wet, you can start working the silicone cream in your beard. Any kind of serum or oil will also do the trick if you don’t have access to silicone cream. 
  • Turn on the hairdryer and use the brush to gently comb the beard. Focus the dryer behind the brush and make slow downstrokes, drying and setting the beard in place as you move the brush. 
  • Always remember to not use super-hot air to dry the beard as it can make it brittle and easy to break.
  • Work gently on your beard and always follow the direction your beard grows in.

How to Straighten Your Beard Naturally at Home – The Easy Way (With a Straightening Brush for Beard)

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Using an electric beard straightener is the easiest and the most efficient way to deal with a curly beard. Beard straightening tools are 100% safe and can give you the sharp look you want without adhering to strict routines or something. 

To use a men’s beard straightener brush correctly, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure your beard is dry. 
  2. Apply any beard oil like normal
  3. Turn the beard straightening tool on and while it’s heating, use a brush to detangle and fluff out your beard.
  4. Wait for the device to reach around 385° and begin combing your beard with the electric beard straightener in a downward motion.
  5. Always keep the device moving on your beard as you comb down with the beard straightener and never leave it in one spot.
  6. Use a beard comb to finish setting the beard in place.

The bottom line is, you should think about investing in a beard straightening tool if you are a man with a mane. The best beard straightener, hands down, is the Aster beard straightener by Galvolt. You can buy it here

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