How to Straighten a Wild Curly Beard at Home

How to Straighten a Wild Curly Beard at Home

Curly beards might seem like a hassle to maintain and to some extent, it is, but having a curly beard is more of a boon than a bane. It might not seem like a blessing at first but hear this, men who have curly beards can choose to keep it curly or can straighten out their beard. Men with straight beards will never have this choice. Also, curly locks of hair are considered attractive worldwide and they give the impression of youth and health. Curly beards have the same number of hair as a straight one but they look like they have a lot more volume.

Why Do You Have a Curly Beard?

Curly Beard

Your beard is curly because of the angle at which hair follicles enter your skin. The smaller the acute angle, the curlier your hair will become. On the other hand, if your hair follicles enter the skin at 90° angles you will end up with a perfectly stick straight beard. 

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The shape of your actual hair also plays a role in determining if you’ll have a curly beard. Usually, only Asian people grow nearly perfect round hairs. So, the shape of the follicle in conjunction with the shape of your hair is the reason for your growing a curly beard.

How to Tame Those Wild Curls at Home

A curly beard can go out of control and quickly. You’ll even have to deal with something that women have been dealing with for centuries – split ends. Don’t fret though and follow these simple ways to manage your mane at home. 

Start Thinking About a Washing Regimen

If you want to get rid of curls, consider shampooing your beard at least a couple of times a week. Then apply beard oil or a beard balm after washing to smoothen, condition, and moisturize your beard. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind. 

  • Shampoo your beard when it needs it the most. Don’t shampoo too often.
  • Use a beard comb to brush out knots before you wash your beard.
  • Always pat dry your beard.

Beard Straightening Home Hacks- 4 Foolproof Tips and Tricks

Try a Blow Dryer and a Beard Brush

Blow Dryer

You will also need a silicone-based beard balm to protect your beard from the heat of the blow dryer. While your beard is still damp, gently work the beard balm into the bristles. Now, use the brush and the blow dryer to set your beard. Use the brush to straighten out the curls and then blow-dry the fuzz. Always remember to use the hairdryer on the medium or low heat setting as the heat can make your bristles brittle.

How You Can Straighten Your Beard Naturally At Home?

Use a Beard Straightener

Beard Straightener

The beard straightener technology has gone up a lot of notches since flat irons. If you’re looking for a really stick straight beard, then this is your best bet. The new counterparts are heated beard brushes that detangles your beard while straightening it. You will need a beard balm too before using a beard straightener. 

One of the best beard straighteners you can buy online is the Aster beard straightener by Galvolt. It is a state of the art product that is the solution to all your beard woes. You also get a free beard balm with the purchase and you can get it delivered right to your doorstep. Click here to buy one now. 

Are you still dubious about investing in a beard straightener? Check this out to get convinced.

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