Easy-To-Do Popular Men’s Hairstyles For 2021

Easy-To-Do Popular Mens Hairstyles For 2021

If you are trying to pull off that “new year, new me” this 2021, the first thing you would want to change is your hairstyle. But, trying out new hairstyles can be a bit risky. You need to know what hairstyle to sport as it can either make you look cool or make you look like a complete fool. 

So, while keeping it trendy, here are some of the hairstyles you can choose from this year. Pick a look, talk it out with your barber, and get it done.

Low Fade

Low fade

This is one of the trending hairstyles. You probably have seen several celebrities and footballers pulling this off. This hairstyle gives off a cool look while being sophisticated. 

Using the barber clippers, keep your hair short on the sides and the back, especially in the areas that are closer to the ears and hairline. Work your way down the clippers. As you go up, ask your barber to blend the hair length with the longer hair on the top.

To summarize, the hair length on the lower end will be short and close to the skin, and the length increases as you go up the midsection and the higher areas of your back of the head.

This hairstyle shows off a classy look and gives a feel of hair volume with a nice flow.

Mid Fade

Mid fade

Another one of the classic men’s haircuts. This is a pretty standard men’s haircut. Your barber will start off by trimming your hair down from the sides and back of your head. The hair length then gets blended from a very short length in the lower end or hairline section to a medium length in the middle section.

On the middle section, as you go towards the higher sections, your barber might have to let go of the clippers and use scissors to further blend the hair length.

This hairstyle gives you a nice clean look and even with this being a ‘fade’ hairstyle, you will have enough hair on the sides and back to make it an office look.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

As the name suggests, this hairstyle won’t be complete without clippers. It falls under the category of short haircuts. Hairstyles like Crew cuts, flat tops, and the ivy league falls under this category. It is an easy hairstyle that your barber needs to sculpt out with clippers.

Crew Cut

Crew cut

It has been a popular choice of men’s haircut for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport this hairstyle in 2021. It is one of the classics. With the hair on the top left quite short, you have a quiff left on the front section to style as per your wish.

It is a popular hairstyle because of the fact that it is a stylish look and is quite easy to do. It is quite hard to do wrong with a crew cut. You can also add a new spin to the crew cut by adding different styles of fade to it.

Ivy League

Ivy League

Like we mentioned earlier, ivy league is another type of crew cut only. With the hair in the front section kept long, you can style it or create a side part. Towards the crown, the hair length is kept short, almost about an inch and a half long. It is kept under one inch on the back end and on the crown. If you look at it, this hairstyle is just a stylized version of a crew cut.

French Crop

French Crop

This haircut has gained popularity in recent days. It is a stylized version of crop cut but with the style being quite similar to Ceaser’s haircut style. Like the Caesars cut, it has horizontal fringes but is left a tad bit long. The fringe length can be as per your wish, from the mid-forehead to above eyebrows. 

If you like the Caesar cut, this is something you will definitely like as modern stylists are adding their own touch to it by changing a thing or two in the cut style, like giving a different kind of fade or leaving a messy style on the top.

If you are a hairstylist, making these hairstyles your own by adding your own touch can be a catch. You can also show off your style on a wig and put them on display using a wig stand will be an excellent idea. If you try these cuts yourself, try using a proper styling comb to ensure that you maintain the hair shape throughout and for a long time, until you get your next haircut.

Want to know more about hairstyle trends and beard maintenance tips? Keep an eye out for new blogs on such topics on our website. Till then, happy styling!

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