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Can You Get Electrocuted While Using a Foot Spa Massager?

A personal pedicure machine is an amazing way to put your feet up (pun intended) after a long and tiring day. Foot spa massagers can help in alleviating stress and soreness, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the world again. But aren’t you even a little bit wary of dipping your toes into an appliance that is plugged into a 120V wall socket? Even sleeping with an electric blanket sounds like a fire hazard waiting to happen. It will be incredibly difficult for you to relax in the portable pedicure machine if you’re worried about getting fried like that death row inmate in The Green Mile, the one who was Mr. Jingles’ friend. 

So, Is There a Cause for Concern? Can You Receive an Electric Shock from a Foot Spa Massager? 

It’s highly unlikely that you will get electrocuted. Still, you should be careful and vigilant while using any appliance or gadget where water and electricity are a concern; even shavers for this matter, always unplug the shaver before you use it. However, foot spa massagers are specifically designed in a way that keeps all the water away from the electric circuits and components. Foot spa massager manufacturers have to follow government regulations and guidelines under which the product is heavily tested and only then they get the certification to sell to you. Also, consumer watchdogs make sure that all the products on the market are safe to use. 

If you’re looking to buy a government certified foot spa massager, then check out the Revive Foot Spa Massager by Galvolt. It is a state of the art product that is perfect for all your foot spa needs. This personal pedicure tub removes dead skin, relieves tension, and keeps feet healthy. Its 3-in-1 heating function relieves pain and fatigue while the areated bubbles spa feature gives you a “jacuzzi-like” sensation to pamper your feet. You can buy it online by clicking here. It comes with a free foot soak, as well.

Mixing Water and Electricity is A Bad Idea


Water is a conductor of electricity. What this means is that if you were to happen to drop a live wire into a small pond with fishes inside; then all the fishes would get electrocuted. The same will happen to you if you dip your feet in the foot massager which has open circuitry, the water will deliver the electricity from the loose wire directly to your body. Water is a good conductor but not as good as metals like copper ergo, the electricity will dissipate as it ripples through the water, but foot spa massagers are quite small. Just like with the pond, there isn’t much space for the electricity to dissipate harmlessly, and you will end up receiving an electric shock. 

Foot spa massagers are equipped with heating elements, bubble makers, jets, foot rollers, etc. to give you a hyper-relaxing experience. And to use all of these features, you’ll have to connect your foot spa massager to a 120V socket. If any of these components were to touch the water inside the pedicure tub, the results would be shocking, to say at least. But there’s no need to fret as companies like Galvolt make it sure that there is no chance of water dripping down to the electrical components of the Revive foot spa massager

Why are Foot Spa Massagers Safe?

Foot Spa Massager

Product designers and manufacturers will go to any length just to deem their product as safe. Even one person getting injured can lead to a major callback or could end up getting the product shelved for good, tarnishing the company’s image in the process. The consumers might also lose faith in the other products that the manufacturer sells, causing them to lose a lot of money. Therefore, there are numerous strategies that a foot spa massager manufacturer will employ to ensure that the product is safe.  Let’s look at some of them:

1. Fitting Electrical Components Away from The Water


Your personal pedicure machine consists of a small tub that is filled with water, large enough to place a set of feet inside comfortably, and a housing area where all the electronic components and buttons are stored. This elevated divide is vital to making sure that you are not electrocuted while changing the settings, making the product safe.

If the electricity comes in contact with the water, that’s when it spells trouble. Hi-tech manufacturers like Galvolt have placed the electronic circuitry behind the tank rather than underneath the Revive Foot Spa Massager. This way, there is no chance of water trickling down through the plastic and to the electrical components.

2. Including Fail Safes

Safe Controls

There will always be possibilities for freak accidents. Over time with wear and tear, the components might wrap, crack, or even move out of their place, and this is just one possibility out of thousands of permutations and combinations. 

The solution to this problem is to install fail-safes and adding multiple layers of protection. In the Revive Foot Spa Massager by Galvolt, all electrical wires are housed in water-resistant cables; the water tub is designed in such a way that even if the plastic breaks, the water will flow in the other direction from where the electrical circuits are. By doing this, product engineers can make sure that their product remains safe even if one of the components were to fail.

3. Installing Safe Controls 

Manual User’s

While using the portable pedicure therapy tub, the only electrical components you will interact with are the controls and the buttons on the machine. Using these controls underwater could complete a circuit, resulting in you receiving an electrical shock. 

If you’ve owned or been in a hot tub before, you must’ve noticed that all the controls for the jets are out of reach. Changing the settings will require you to leave the hot tub and meander all the way to where the controls are, thus eliminating the chance of being electrocuted. 

Foot spa massagers also follow the same principle. Some foot spa massagers might also come with a remote control so that you won’t have to push hard manual buttons on the actual machine. However, you should make it a right-hand rule of thumb to never adjust the controls on the personal pedicure tub while your feet are soaking in the water.

4. Always Read The User’s Manual  

Spa Massagers

The Revive foot spa massager comes with a detailed and highly informative user manual, as most foot spa massagers do. Make sure to read and follow the safety instructions and guidelines mentioned in the manual. Using the foot spa massager in ways not intended is like juggling chainsaws. Please read the manufacturer’s guidelines to use it safely. 

5. Be Careful of Subpar Manufacturing 

spa massager

Galvolt is an all-American brand from Los Angeles that takes pride in its superior product design and safety. There are thousands of products with shoddy manufacturing that ship to the U.S. from around the world. In 2006, a government consumer protections group ruled that poorly manufactured foot spa massagers were being imported from China that posed a high risk of electrical shock. Thankfully, the Revive foot spa massager isn’t one of them.

These Chinese products were not marked with the CE (the EU’s signature mark which indicates that the product is safe and in harmony with the environmental regulation), and therefore, they were quickly removed from the shelves of major electronic stores. 

Any amount of government regulations and consumer watchdogs can’t prevent all of these shoddy products from hitting the shelves of a departmental store near you. It is up to you as an informed buyer to be vigilant and prudent in choice.

The Bottom Line on Foot Spa Massagers


Overall, foot spa massagers are generally considered to be completely safe. If you’re still dubious but still want to buy one, then you can buy the Revive foot spa massager by Galvolt. It is completely safe and adheres to all government regulations and guidelines. You can get it delivered to your doorstep by clicking here

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