A Christmas Hair-Do Tutorial

A Christmas Hair-Do Tutorial

You don’t need to be reminded, but ‘tis the season! And ‘tis the time for a new Christmas hair-do. Between making sure that you checked everyone off of your gift list and running to the nearest store to get the ingredients for your special Christmas cake, you might just forget something more important that you need to take care of, too. 

Your Christmas hair-do! What are you going to do with your hair for all these parties you’re going to attend? Also, it doesn’t matter even if they are virtual as your Christmas hair-do should be on fleek throughout the holiday season. 

Also, because Christmas is super hectic, therefore, here is a list of easy hairstyles that are pretty popular and always trending. Let’s just say everyone will be green with envy when you show up with one of these unique Christmas hair-dos. 

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The Perfect Christmas Hair-Do List for 2020

Double Braided Buns

Double Braided Buns

This unique hairstyle won’t require you to straighten out your box braids to switch things up. Just part your hair down the middle, twirl your braids into a spiral bun but make sure it’s super tight. Now, just secure them with massive amounts of black bobby pins. 

The Natural Blowout

Natural Blowout

This hairstyle is an easy one on the list and also the most budget-friendly too. To get this look, blow dry your hair straight so that it doesn’t fall flat and get that smooth texture. 

You can also use hair cream to achieve that smoothness, after working it throughout give yourself a twist-out. On waking up the next morning, you’ll find that you have that perfect, slightly textured look.

A Christmas Hair-Do Tutorial

The Wet-Hair Look

Wet-Hair Look

The wet-hair back sweep isn’t just for the mafia. You should most definitely try out this look. All you need is to work a gel-based cream through slightly damp towel-dried hair and spray on a little bit of a glossing spray to finish. 

The Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

Yes, yes you’re whole social media feed is full of women with waterfall braids all over. And yes, you can get them too. #Goals to reality. Who wouldn’t want this amazing hairstyle day in and day out? Just remember to hold it in place with a hair ribbon to finish off the look. Pro tip: Get your hair braided by your mom over the holidays. 

The Beach Waves

Beach Waves

Beach waves have been in style since the 80s, and they will continue to be in style in the foreseeable future. They are super cute and give off the impression that you’re not trying that hard. Also, they work on all hair lengths. Quickly squirt a little sea salt spray onto your hair and then curl them with a curling iron. Lastly, rake your fingers through the hair to get perfect tousles of beach waves.

High Ponytail

The High Ponytail 

Buy a non-flaky edge control gel off of Amazon and you’re sorted. You’re ready to channel your inner high school cheerleader. Swirl your edges into a cute design and you will rock every party you touch. 

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